How to create an online course for free or spending almost nothing: 9 tips to apply them now!

How to create an online course for free or spending almost nothing: 9 tips to apply them now!

According to UNICEF , currently more than half of the countries in the world are already using strategies associated with the Internet as an educational resource (text messages, cell phones, social networks, platforms, etc.), a trend that does not stop growing.

In this scenario, creating an online course can be a very promising and profitable business, especially when the Producer has good content in his hands and an efficient sales strategy.

The potential of this market is enormous, since it offers people the possibility to study what they want , from wherever they want and with easy access to resources, which represents a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn something new and / or or professionalize.

It is also an incredible income generating opportunity, mainly for people who want to leave the mainstream job market and work at home !

On the other hand, anyone who thinks that creating good content requires a great production with advanced editing and wonderful settings is deluded.

What defines whether a video lesson is relevant to your target audience is your level of knowledge on that subject and the number of problems that your content solves.

We are going to destroy once and for all the myth that making a good product is expensive. Ready to get in front of the cameras?

If that is your case, in this post we bring you the solution, because we are going to show you 9 tips to create free online courses (or spending almost nothing) .

Think of something to teach

If you are thinking of creating an online course, the first thing you have to define is the subject of your material.

Think of something you do that people always praise, or a subject that you master well and that you know you could teach.

You don’t necessarily have to be a teacher to teach online .

It may be that you master an art, such as playing a musical instrument or watercolor painting, or that you simply speak a language well.

The important thing is that you choose what you like to do so that when creating your online course you master the subject you will teach well.

An example of this is Laura López, designer and online creative, and Producer of the Empire Freelance online course:

Define your audience

There is no use creating an online course if you do not have an audience that is interested in buying what you sell.

So after understanding the topic you want to talk about, try to understand if you will have an audience to sell the course to.

One recommendation that we can give you is that before you start recording your classes, create a YouTube channel to post some videos on the subject you want to address.

Over time, you will be able to perceive if people are looking for and seeing what you share.

Research types of camera to film

One of the biggest doubts for producers who are starting to create content is the most suitable type of camera to record . After all, you want your audience to see value in your product, and that includes a video that looks as professional as possible.

Although there are equipment with superior image quality, the most suitable camera will not always be the most expensive, but the one that best suits your needs. A producer in the radical sports niche will be able to use a GoPro camera on external videos, but that does not mean that this is the most suitable equipment for all the videos he makes.

“”There are people who record quality content with a smartphone or even with an amateur camera, only using the resources offered by these equipment .””

And the opposite also happens, there are people who invest large sums in equipment and then take advantage of a minimum part of its technical resources.

But if you are willing to invest heavily, you can buy a DSLR camera, which has more features, such as interchangeable lenses or a mobile viewfinder, among others.

Of course, having more advanced equipment will add more value to your production, but we will only recommend investing in this type of equipment when you are already mastering recording techniques, since the price of a DSLR varies between 500 and 7,000 euros, well above the budget of many people, and is not an option for those who want to save. Our advice is that you invest more when your business is already giving financial benefits .

If you still have doubts about this, check out our review on the best cameras for recording videos .

Take care of the audio

If video capture from a cell phone can be great, the same is not true for audio . And why should you worry about that?

The answer is simple: people may see a video whose image quality is not good, but poor quality audio will interfere with the understanding of the viewer, which can influence the performance of the number of likes, shares, retention time, etc.

But don’t worry, because there is a simple and cheap way to solve this problem.

“”Just buy a lapel microphone, which the presenter can put on his shirt collar and connect it to the cell phone using an adapter.””

Its cost varies between 10 and 500 euros, while the adapter will cost no more than 20 euros. You see it? We already told you it was cheap!

To learn more about audio pickup, check out our post on types of microphones for videos .

Take care of the video lighting

Good lighting is essential to obtain sharp and quality images, and in the case of recordings, the more light the better.

As in the case of cameras and microphones, there are several ways to achieve a good result in video lighting. For example, you can buy an LED illuminator, suitable for studio recordings, or create a homemade version of a softbox by following some tutorials available on YouTube.

“”But the best option, which will save you time and money, is to record near the window on a solid color wall (preferably light) and make the most of daylight.””

In addition to being less labor intensive, video shot in sunlight becomes more natural, which will also make it easier to get closer to your audience. Good strategy for those who want to create a free online course, right?

Look at this Hotmart Tips that, among several good tips for making a video, tells you about the subject of lighting:

Choose the ideal setting

As we speak at the beginning of the text, quality content will not necessarily show wonderful scenarios.

Therefore, keep in mind that the content should attract more attention in the video than the visual elements (except in cases where you use objects for demonstrations or tutorials).

This does not mean that you should always record in the same place or restrict your scenario options. But if you want to avoid unforeseen events, it is best to do it in quiet places and avoid rooms with perceptible traffic noise or construction sites.

“”This place can even be a room in your house!””

If that’s the case, let people know when you’re recording and that they won’t be able to walk through the room or interrupt you at that time.

Noisy environments mean more work in editing and in the most extreme cases even require re-recording of all content.

Work the script well

The decision on the topic to talk about has to be made even before creating your online channel.

Then, try to identify in that niche the demands of the public that are being neglected and concentrate on discovering how your product will be able to meet them.

An example:

The fashion market superficially addresses plus size clothing . How about creating a related product?

If you dedicate yourself to knowing your market, you will see that there are several examples like this one.

Once you decide on what you will say, the following stages become easier, mainly the writing of the script.

But do you really need one?

Many people still have doubts about this stage, because they think that the script can leave the content artificial and affect the spontaneity of the presenter.

However, you will agree with us that when you create an online course, the videos may have to become longer, and it is practically impossible to memorize all the content.

For this reason, it is important to establish a hierarchy in the information so as not to forget to address any topic, thereby avoiding harming the learning of your students.

We recently made a specific post on how to script an engaging video lesson . In it we share some tips for anyone who wants to create content without having previous knowledge about video and without having to hire a professional just for it.