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Free online test platform

A fun new way of learning. Here you will find all kinds of questionnaires that you can do easily and simply. Browse through the menus and select the category that best suits your needs.

Take all kinds of free exams and tests

Today the most effective study methods are based on interactive systems, since they are easy to use and they are also fun. The advantage of this system is to remember the questions made easier and to have greater motivation.

On this page you will find various tests and exams with which you can self-evaluate and see how you improve day by day. To take any questionnaire, browse the menus where you will find different categories made up of numerous tests.

There are 2 types of questionnaires, identified with the following icons:

Multiple choice exams

Test by subject

The difference between both types of questionnaires is that in the subject tests you can choose the subjects you want to examine yourself, and the tests consist of 50 questions. On the other hand, in the exams, the tests have all the questions.

In each questionnaire you will be able to observe the number of correct questions, mistakes made, the grade of the exercise and the time you have used. And best of all, you can take all the free tests you want.

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Questions and answers

What is an online exam

An online exam is taking an online test to measure participants’ knowledge about a specific topic. In the past, everyone had to come together in a classroom at the same time to take an exam. With an online exam, students can take the exam online, on their own time and with their own device, no matter where they live. You only need a browser and internet connection.

How an online exam system works

The instructor or course creator creates an account with a  test creator . In that system you can create questions and add them to the exam. You can choose between multiple choice questions or free text questions. Students are provided a link to enter the exam online, log in, and take the exam. They see the results immediately after.

 Benefits and limitations of an online exam system

The great benefit of the online exam is the reduction of costs and time, both for the student and the teacher. The biggest limitation is that you have to be online to use an online exam system. That’s why it is called that way, “online”.

Read more about the  advantages and disadvantages of an online exam system .

Who uses an online exam system?

Everyone who needs a group of students to be tested. Our clients range from  schools  and  teachers  to  companies .

What are the typical features of an online exam system?

Obviously it must be possible to take an exam. And create questions. Preferably the exam provides the option of creating a question bank. And you have to be able to set the rules when a student passes or fails the exam. Those features are just the basics. Take a look at our online exam features  to get a broader view on the subject.

Take an online exam

The Online Tests, developed by Pearson OnVUE, are a remote exam monitoring service that provides a safe and easy way to complete your CompTIA * certification exam from anywhere a private area is available to you. To take an exam online:

STEP 1: Review the testing policies and procedures.

Before taking a CompTIA exam, all certification candidates will be required to agree to the CompTIA Candidate Agreement. If you do not accept the agreement, the exam fee will be forfeited. There are also specific policies and procedures for online testing, including those related to system requirements, your exam workspace, and testing for candidates under the age of 17. Be sure to check them out here:

CompTIA testing policies

CompTIA Candidate Agreement

Pearson OnVUE Testing Policies

STEP 2: Run a system test using the same computer and network that you will use to take your exam.

The system test will take 5-10 minutes to complete. You will be asked to take photos of yourself and your exam workspace. To prepare your exam workspace, move all books and writing objects out of reach of your hands, unplug additional monitors and computers, and clean your walls of any writing (for example, on white boards). You will also need an ID and a phone (which should be out of reach after check-in).

In addition to meeting the system testing requirements for a minimum screen resolution, be sure to review and confirm your display settings for scaling before registering and starting your exam. The scaling setting should be set to 100% (for users running Windows) or default (for Mac users).

If your display settings meet the minimum resolution setting, but the scale setting is set above 100%, it is likely that the exam content will not display correctly on the screen, causing a less than desirable experience during submitting your CompTIA exam.

To avoid delays and additional stress during your testing appointment, please complete the system test prior to the start of your exam appointment.

STEP 3: If you don’t already have one, create a Pearson VUE trial account.

Make sure to use a valid and active email address when creating an account. Important information about your exam results and certification status will be sent to the address you use to create your test account.

STEP 4: Schedule and complete your exam online.

Verify that you can satisfy all computer, internet connection, and workspace requirements before scheduling your exam. Return to the OnVUE page and sign-in. Follow the on-screen prompts to schedule your exam.

* Online test supervisors communicate in English only and OnVUE’s test software is English-based. Additionally, the full set of CompTIA translated exams is available in those countries that participate in online testing. Online tests are not available in China, Cuba, Iran, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Slovenia, Sudan, and Syria. Site licenses are also excluded.

Not sure if online testing is right for you? Learn more about your trial options.

Keys to a Successful Online Test

Run the system test. All candidates must verify the minimum system requirements and run the system test before scheduling an OnVUE exam.

Get connected using a strong and reliable Internet connection.

Taking your exam online with OnVUE requires a significant amount of Internet bandwidth based on system requirements for both video and audio. If you live in a household with more family members working and learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, schedule your exam when there are minimal conflicts over Internet use. We recommend that you ask others to avoid using the Internet while you are taking the exam and to use a wired connection if possible.

DO NOT change computers. Take your exams on the same network and computer used for the system test.

Close all other applications. The secure browser used for your exam requires that you close all applications except OnVUE. Otherwise, you will interrupt your exam.