About Us

About Us

We know that the demands are constantly changing and that the businessman is the one responsible for adjusting their business to offer the products and services up to their client’s requirements.

Thus, we provide knowledge and tools so that you can innovate your business, enhance the administrative and financial management, expand your market position and make your business more competitive.

When expanding your possibilities
We also have solutions for well established businesses that want to go further. Do you need to improve your business processes? Do you want to search for new markets? Invest in innovation? We offer courses, lectures, training and consulting throughout Brazil that will help you better understand the market challenges, to take advantage of the opportunities and expand your businesses.
We encourage cooperation to empower small businesses and make them more competitive. Cooperatives, associations, purchase centers and networks are some examples. Interfirm cooperation is a way to make them more competitive and to achieve their common goals more effectively.

They can seek together for means to value and flow off their products, through access to a more supportive and fair market, as a manner to raise the employment and income of the community, ensuring its sustainability.